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Notes on Designs and Drawings


Our design sources come from both internal designs we have created or licensed-in as well as impressive designs that have been created by our industry peers.  There are a number of truly innovative designs that come across our desk every few days that originate out of the tiny house industry in the US that will realistically never be available to tiny home enthusiasts here in Canada.  Many times these come from smaller designer / builders, who have created a few novel designs for their local markets and then build a few a year.  Part of our business practice is to provide some of these great designs to customers here in Canada, and ensure recognition and financial compensation is provided to the US originators.

It should be noted that not all tiny home builders are ok with others building from their designs, even with compensation. This is not so much about copyright protection (although for the bigger THOW companies this is certainly the case), but instead most small tiny house builders simply do not have proper engineered plans that can be provided for others to build from, so are uncomfortable in licensing their designs and what that can entail.

So for the US based tiny house builders with whom we have an agreement, we will build you an architecturally similar THOW but using our technologies. It's typically only the design idea we use, as our construction methodology is generally more robust than anyone else's due to the severe nature of our Canadian climate. The original builder / designer will be recognized and compensated by Planet Structures.

The following is a summary list of the designers / builders on our website who's designs we are offering to build.  We invite you to check out their sites for design ideas and further details by clicking on the links.

The Small House Catalog Ltd. (USA)

Camphouse (Bulgaria)

Humble Homes (USA)

Old Hippie Tiny Homes (USA)

Minim Homes (USA)

We have our own innovative and beautiful THOW models coming out shortly, some our of own and some through Camphouse, and will be offering them for sale on our website soon.  Our Aero models are available now.

Please contact us with any questions or requests you may have, and let us help you get started on your sustainable living journey.