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Be Part of the Tiny House Boom!


There is a lot of interest, even excitement being generated with the Tiny House on Wheels industry.  HGTV hit programs like "Tiny House, Big Living"; "Tiny House Builders"; "Tiny House Hunters"; and "Tiny House Nation" are some of the very popular programs that immediately come to mind.

US based Tiny House builders like Tumbleweed Tiny Houses from Colorado are growing exponentially, and will soon be getting involved in a big way with national developers to build tiny house communities.  In the meantime, a rapidly growing industry for Tiny Houses On Wheels (THOW's) is something called "Tiny House Hotels".  Just Google that term and you will see what pops up.  It's becoming hugely popular in the USA, and is starting to catch on here in Canada.

We are a new company.  However our people are NOT new to this type of construction - far from it.  There is over 70 years of combined experience amongst us in designing and building innovative little off-grid cabins, homes and other structures, some projects even winning industry awards. We also have extensive experience with innovative technologies that go along with off-grid structures including photovoltaics (PV's), concentrated photovoltaics (CPV's), energy storage systems including hydrogen cell technology and new generation LiFePO4 lithium batteries, powerful chip based LED's, wind turbines, and even wall, roof and floor structures including Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Planet Structures Ltd. takes all of this and throws engineered tiny house trailers into the mix.  It's a whole new business but it's not a big technology leap for us.

So pertaining to experience, talent and training, we are rich.  Pertaining to money to build our own THOWs for tiny house hotels or getaway rentals, or even just to build and flip, we are not rich.  Always being in the forefront of technologies, building unconventional projects in unconventional locations around the world, and being charitable before being profitable has made for great life experiences. However just as importantly, this has also made for difficult but critically important business lessons.  Sot it's time to take all of our experience, training and talents and hit our tiny house business out of the park.  And to do this we are open to some outside help.

Almost every day we receive a question that I am confident all other tiny homes builders in Ontario receive regularly.  That question is "do you have a model that we can look at"?  Our answer is the same as most of the other tiny home builders as well. "Sorry."  This is a situation we would like to fix.  But not by just building a model unit or two.  We would like to produce truly remarkable THOWs, units that would make the rounds on the Tiny House newsletters and blogs, and possibly even some cable television shows.

These would be ideal for showcasing our talents and as well would be for sale at a healthy profit.  As well they could be used to create our own "Tiny Retreat" business similar to tiny house getaway businesses popping up in the US.  Or even for someone's Tiny House Hotel should someone want to build one.

We thought about going the crowdfunding route, raising enough funds to flip one or more "spec-built" THOW's to go along with our customer purchased units.  But before we cross that bridge, we thought it would be a good idea to see if we can find interested parties through our website who would like to participate in these ventures and earn some good money along the way.

We are offering a few different programs to address the various parties who express interest to us.  Anyone interested in participating will have their own amount they are able to provide, and will also have different requirements in terms of what they receive back.

Please use our CONTACT US page to request more information on our programs.  Our opportunities are straight forward, are secured, and pay well.  But these opportunities are limited, as we are looking only for funds to produce up to 2 units at this time.  As our Tiny Retreat business expands, anticipated to be later this summer, we will be opening up an investment opportunity again.  But it will be through securities lawyers.  This early opportunity is definitely "ground floor" and can be very lucrative if you stick with us.

As a side note, we also are really big on the R&D side of things.  We currently have a powerful new solar panel design that is ready for prototyping, and will be looking for a financial partner to help us with this.  We built a prototype approx. 5 years ago with very good results but had to let it drop at the time.  It's time to bring it to market.