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Clayton Tiny House Retreat

The Clayton Tiny House Retreat is a collaborative project by Tim Peddie, the owner of a beautiful 80 acre wooded farmland near Clayton, ON, and Planet Structures Ltd.  We are currently in the proposal phase and are looking for potential investors, THOW purchasers (as an investment), and Retreat patrons.  Once the project parameters have been met successively we will commence with the building of THOWs as well as creating campsites, walking trails and other amenities for the Retreat. 

Planned Features:

  • Each tiny house is unique in design and function from romantic getaways and secluded writers' retreats to small family and friends gatherings
  • Full year-round use to enable the enjoyment of all of Canada's seasons
  • Tiny Houses On Wheels designed and built locally by Planet Structures Ltd.
  • Modern amenities including gas stovetop, fridge, fresh spring water, indoor incinerating toilet, hot shower and / or soaker tub, completely off-grid
  • Private and communal fire pits with firewood
  • Walking distance to the amenities of Clayton (general store, beach, parks)
  • Several units designed specifically for the enjoyment by those with physical disabilities
  • Zero negative environmental impact - no septic systems needed
  • Ongoing development of walking and nature trails, scenic nature interpretation stops
  • 24/7 onsite staff

If you are interested in participating as an investor or future patron, we would like to hear from you!  Just contact us and we will get back to you asap.