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If you wish, we have an arrangement with Canada RV Finance, headquartered just outside of Calgary, AB to provide purchase financing of our Tiny Houses to our customers.  They have a simple online application that you can fill out to pre-qualify for financing.  Depending on your credit profile you may be able to finance 100% of your THOW purchase. You can fill out their online application HERE.  Or simply give them a call at 1-877-755-7387. Mention you are calling as a potential customer of Planet Structures in Ottawa and they will give you great service and knowledgable answers to all of your questions.  The managers have great insight into the whole tiny house industry throughout Canada and the USA.

It is important to note that obtaining financing for the purchase of a Tiny House On Wheels is not as easy as we would like it to be.  Being a new industry here in Canada as well as the USA, tiny houses are still a bit of a mystery to chartered banks and subsequently do not fit any particular pre-structured financing package.  In general they are considered to be somewhere between a high end recreational vehicle (RV) and a house on a foundation.  They are built like a house but happen to be on a moveable foundation, thus disqualifying them from a traditional mortgage.

Our arrangement with Canada RV Finance allows for 20 year term loans which is great for affordable monthly payments, but this doesn't preclude the same type of credit requirements as purchasing a luxury item like an $80,000 boat or RV.  Many times a sizeable deposit and/or a co-signer is required.  We just want to give our potential clients a "heads up" regarding financing your THOW purchase before too much time is invested in looking for one.

To find out more about financing the purchase of your Tiny House on Wheels, please use our Contact Us page or simply give us a call at 613-257-1138.

Finance the Purchase of Your THOW