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Our inventory of specialty appliances and other products is, we think, among the best collection of off-grid and unique specialty products available from any tiny or small home builder.  And that's saying a lot as there are some very awesome tiny house builders out there.  We take very seriously but yet still immensely enjoy learning new things about tiny home designs, construction materials, methods of construction, the tools we use, and even just products and services related to sustainable living.  But we also obsessed with the technologies that go along with these products.  AC vs DC vs propane, treated potable water vs rain water, lead acid vs AGM vs LiPo vs LiFePO4 batteries, wood framing vs structural insulated panels (SIPs), black and grey water tanks vs composting toilets vs incinerating toilets, and grid power vs solar vs wind. All of these products and the technologies they are based on are critical to understand when it comes to deciding which are the most appropriate products for use in THOWs and what is best for different types of customers.

How many times have you seen a really innovative product at a trade show or on television, and wish you had a reason for buying it and using it just for the cool factor?  Well, designing and building tiny homes allows us to do this on a regular basis.  Every product and appliance we source has the purpose of making living in a tiny house the best that it can be.  Minimum space requirements, minimum power requirements, and minimum hassles to go with maximum usefulness, maximum engineering design, and maximum "I want that!" appeal are what we look for when sourcing out everything from windows, mini-split AC/heat pumps, water purifiers, kitchenettes, toilets, and even right down to the trailer foundation.

We are in the process of updating this section, and hope to have something online by mid-July.  It will consist of products that you can choose for us to install in your new tiny or small house, and we will also be offering some products for sale that you can use on your own tiny home if you are building one yourself (shame on you if you aren't utilizing one of our trailers or shell kits!), or just to help you with creating a sustainable life for yourself.

In the meantime, if you have specific questions regarding options for your THOW please feel free to contact us.