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What Makes Ours Different


We make it a point to not comment or worry about what other THOW designers and builders are doing.  This is not a cutthroat industry and most THOW designers and builders are happy to share ideas and pass on lessons learned with their industry peers.  A number of THOW builders are happy to build 2 or 3 units in a year, whereas others need to pump out 12 or more to be successful.  Either builder type can build you a great THOW, it mainly depends on what they are expecting to deliver to you and what you are expecting to receive, and that these expectations are the same on both sides.

Where we feel we differentiate with our THOWs is our business model of building you your dream THOW regardless of where the design came from and how impossible the design is to realistically build.  As a team we have built small off-grid structures in almost impossible situations for over 20 years, with our focus now primarily on tiny houses on wheels and non-trailered small houses.  Whether it's our design, your design, or someone else's (who we compensate) design, we can engineer and build anything.

The other area where we differentiate ourselves is the level of technology that goes into our buildings.  Whether we are utilizing structural insulated panels (SIPs), insulated steel stud construction, standard wood stud framing, or any combination of the three, we are experienced and trained, and we understand the pros and cons with all technologies.  Our THOWs can be up to 1/3 less overall weight than THOWs from competing builders due to our lightweight yet high strength wall and roof systems.  That's huge a huge consideration when it comes to towing.

Regarding our off-grid capabilities we are second to none.  Not only are we exceptionally experienced with solar, wind and micro-hydro power generation and next generation battery storage, we can also take our buildings completely away from the requirement of a septic system or pumping out holding tanks. This applies not only to black water (toilets) but grey water as well.  Imagine being able to park on land for 2 years and when ready to leave you have never had to install a septic system or grey water filtration system, or even have your holding tanks pumped out.  With our systems everything is taken care of.

There are other technologies that are also available from us.  These include LED lighting with colour temperature changing capabilities, mini-split heat pumps designed specifically for solar installations, and advanced lightweight framing and siding materials that can reduce the overall weight of a comparable THOW by up to 30% which can be a big deal if it's being towed often.

Please contact us with any questions or requests you may have, and let us help you get started on your sustainable living journey.