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Price Grid


LEVEL 1:  Engineered custom trailer; Mikea Maker steel stud insulated floor, walls and roof; Tyvek air barrier on walls, ice and water shield on roof

LEVEL 2:  Everything from LEVEL 1 plus metal standing seam roofing; choice of siding including sealant; door and windows supplied and installed

LEVEL 3:  A complete finished product meant to be hooked up to site services via RV type hook ups including

  • a 110V 30A power hook up (with upgrade option of 50A / 240V hook up)
  • potable water intake and tank
  • grey water tank c/w dump valve
  • RV style micro-flush toilet with waste (black) water tank c/w dump valve
  • induction style cook stove
  • energy efficient electric refrigerator / freezer

LEVEL 4:  A complete finished product meant to perform off-grid via the following:

  • rely on its own power generation and energy storage (solar with LiFiPO4 lithium battery storage)
  • take in and treat water from surrounding natural water sources
  • utilize an environmentally friendly grey water system
  • composting toilet (Separette® or Sun-Mar®)

LEVEL 5:  Similar to LEVEL 4 but more extreme in the following ways:

  • more robust solar system plus a 2kW wind turbine
  • industry best next-generation LiFePO4 lithium battery storage
  • propane powered incinerating toilet (burn cycle every approx. 40 flushes); burn chamber located at the exterior of the building (ask about upgrade option to incinerate waste AND grey water to completely eliminate the need for grey and black water treatment - excellent for mobile construction crews etc.)

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