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Pricing for our Shell Packages, including our optional SIP Shell Packages (available for most models) are included on all of our products' specification sheets.  Click HERE to see a list of all of our available and pre-priced models.


For those of you out there that have dreamt of building your own DIY tiny home, but don't have the heavy machinery or heavy lifting capability to frame a whole home yourselves, Planet Structures Ltd. is happy to offer shell-only packages.  A tiny home shell costs only 1/3 to 1/2 of what a fully custom designed and built tiny home would cost, and you can have the peace of mind that your home has been built on the perfect trailer foundation and has the structural integrity needed to remain safe and towable for many years to come.

We offer 2 levels of shell packages for the DIY builder, which are described below.  These shell packages are available for all of our THOW offerings unless stated otherwise on an individual THOW product's description.

Is buying a shell package a good deal?  Well a typical shell will take a total of 200-300 man hours of work to complete.  Even for the experienced builder, it is a significant project.  For the first time builder or novice craftsman, it can be much more.  At Planet Structures Ltd., our team can complete your shell in 2 weeks, once we have the trailer.

We also know that most individuals building a DIY home do not have a dedicated space to build, such as a warehouse or a climate controlled facility.  As a result, people find themselves and their partially built THOWs exposed to the elements and other oft-forgotten challenges associated with construction.  For many, it's much more convenient to have your shell built and weather-proofed by a builder, after which you can finish the interior at your own location and on your own time.

Our 2 shell packages are as follows:


  • engineered foundation trailer sized for the THOW being built on it
  • wood frame construction with door opening only
  • OSB wall, ceiling & floor sheathing, with Tyvek or equivalent air barrier wrap
  • ice and water shield on entire roof
  • VIN and plated (licence fee not included)

Shell Packages for the DIY'er


Same as Shell Package 1 but also includes:

  • standing seam metal roof
  • windows, doors and skylights as per drawings
  • spray foam insulation (roof and floor R35, walls R22)
  • electrical, plumbing, mechanical rough-ins
  • supply and installation of 1 piece shower unit
  • propane lines and tanks if going off-grid

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