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Planet Structures

Live Small - Live Smart - Live Free

Minim - 12'-6" x 24'

Tamarack - 10' x 32'

Park Models are like Tiny Homes On Wheels but are wider than 8'-6".  This gives them more freedom to be creative with floor plans, but at them same time require a "wide load" permit for towing on North American highways.  It is not uncommon for Park Models to forgo the trailer and be shipped and placed on a foundation.​  Unlike Recreational Vehicles (RV's), our Park Models are constructed and fully insulated as good or better than many houses and can be lived in comfortably year round.  We are ready to construct the following models as well as designs you bring to us for you in our facilities.  

For more design ideas, please visit our "Special Projects" page.  

Please contact us for detailed inquiries.​​