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There are many Tiny Home newsletters and blogs out there that we subscribe to.  They are a great source of information within our industry and as well provide us with current events and discuss issues and related solutions regarding tiny homes and potential issues that go with them.

One thing we read fairly often are the DIY'ers looking for used trailers on which to build their THOW.  Our only comment on this strategy is that we would NEVER recommend this strategy to anyone who is looking for long term protection and peace of mind regarding the structural integrity of their tiny home.  Just like a traditional home is only as strong as the foundation upon which it is built, it is the same for a tiny home built on a trailer.  Tiny home trailers are essentially rolling foundations, and in particular when they are being used in transit they protect the tiny home structure from torsional twists and tensile stresses along with providing uniform support along the perimeter of the building.  Entrusting your newly built THOW's structural integrity to your buddy's used RV trailer is not the wisest of decisions, nor is it likely to save you money in the long run. Probably quite the opposite.  As well, you can be sure that regulations will be coming to enforce THOW structural and engineering standards proven to meet or exceed RV standards to make them legally trailerable on Canada's roadways.  If you can't produce engineered drawings of your THOW, regardless of who built it, you may find that it will become impossible to insure and therefore illegal to tow on provincial roadways.

For the true DIYer's who want to build their THOW from scratch, we have been working with our trailer manufacturer to offer our trailers specifically designed to accommodate tiny homes of all sizes and weights to the general public. Some of the specific attributes for these trailers are:

  • Lowbed design with drop axles to provide the lowest step-up into the tiny house as well as providing the most interior headroom
  • 8' wide bed to properly accommodate a 8'-6" wide tiny house (any width is available upon request)
  • Option of a fully insulated integrated floor with 3/4" plywood surface on top, full aluminum pan on bottom (as shown)
  • Steel bed cross members spaced with webs to become part of the insulated floor, further reducing floor height of the tiny house
  • Rubberized finish to protect your trailer for years to come
  • Scissor jacks on all four corners
  • Galvanized steel inner tire wells

Any size and customization is available.  We also currently offer the quickest delivery date than anybody else in Ottawa area.  Contact us for pricing and availability.  

Custom Trailers for Tiny Houses