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Live Small - Live Smart - Live Free


Planet Structures Ltd.’s goal is to offer innovative and necessary alternative housing options and services to people throughout the USA and Canada who seek more economical, environmentally-friendly and life enhancing dwellings that are as fulfilling as a typical North American home.


Tiny Houses On Wheels (THOW’s as the industry calls them) are a way to travel in comfort, to downsize a hectic lifestyle, to provide a home that would otherwise not be attainable, or to make that “cabin in the woods” an affordable option without sacrificing quality, craftsmanship, or comfort. As a young company but with extensive experience and a library of existing innovative designs, we continuously show the desire and ability to jump into new projects, and offer flexibility and openness to our clients’ input in ways that larger companies are unable to do.

We believe in the following:

Craftsmanship: Filled with unique touches and designs, and coupled with particular attention to detail in the engineering and functional aspects of each structure, our trailerable small houses are known to deliver years of continuous emotional attachment for every owner.

Comfort: Regardless of size, each small house is a comfortable space to live. We work with with single-level and lofted floor plans, and incorporate design features of our clients’ choosing.

Usability: Not only are we top notch at designing and building our small homes, we also are in the forefront of all small home builders in North America in working with housing authorities wherever our houses are to be utilized to ensure zoning will accommodate the size and utilization of our structures.

Affordability: Our Small Houses are lauded in their ability to reach people in various economic situations and stages of life. Our commitment to affordability without sacrificing quality is a hallmark of our company.

Open Source Architecture: Not only do we have our own unique and innovative designs, but we are professional in how we work within the Small / Tiny / Micro House community by becoming a dealer for other well established Tiny Home companies and licensing-in other original designs we find to be of interest that we will construct in our facilities.

Capacity: We are second to none in our industry when it comes to meeting demand. Due to our far reach we will be completing orders not only for residential customers but also for government contracts requiring rapid-build affordable structures world wide.

Humanity: It is very easy to find testimonials on how tiny or small homes have positively changed so many people’s lives. We will always be on the forefront of finding and working with opportunities where our structures can benefit or turn around lives. We’re here as part of the tiny and small house movement to help end homelessness for good by inspiring and creating affordable homes to help all beings on this planet live happily and free. 

Please contact us with any questions or requests you may have, and let us help you get started on your sustainable living journey.

Vision and Mission Statements