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Planet Structures

Live Small - Live Smart - Live Free

Summary of Qualifications / Experience / Capabilities

PMP Certified

Licensed Experienced Carpenters

Red Seal Certified Trades

CanSEA Trained (Solar, Wind, Inverters, Batteries)

Indoor Carpentry Facilities

Full Service Upholstery Shop

Who We Are

We are Construction Industry Professionals

We are a small team of Construction Industry Professionals who have dedicated themselves growing and exciting Tiny Home On Wheels and Small House here in Canada.  After establishing itself in the US for the past 5 or so years, we see the market here in Canada taking off for the same reasons it is growing exponentially south of the border.

Due to our own individual life experiences and real-life construction business knowledge and training, we have a true kinship with what tiny and small homes provide that simply cannot be realized with larger wallet-draining (and sometimes soul-draining) homes.  Unlike some larger companies who are in existence to simply earn a profit on a trendy product, we are committed to being more of an "organic" enterprise where we can be more flexible when it comes to our customer's unique situations and requirements.  If our houses can help a customer lead a happier life, or even eventually help with our cities' homeless situation, we will consider our business as a success.

As we grow, we will be adding complimentary services to our repertoire, including refurbishing older RV's such as the classic Air Streams, or even old buses into the really cool mobile living spaces that we see on the specialty cable shows.  We can actually do it now, but hey one thing at a time!  To read our Vision and Mission Statements, click HERE.

We are new and we are small.  The good news is that we have the ability to be accommodating and innovative, and our prices are very competitive when compared to our larger neighbours.  But it also means that our answer to the oft-asked question "do we have a display model to look at" is unfortunately no, we don't.  Maybe by this fall we will have one we keep in our inventory for showing, but for now that is not in the cards.  With every THOW being so uniquely custom, it is almost impossible to show what one will look like to a client.  They are all wildly different - well at least ours are.  Which is why we pick the most imaginative and innovative designs that are available to us.

So whatever it is you need built, and wherever you need it, just call us.  We will do our best to exceed your expectations.